We are a K-12 school in northeastern South Dakota, USA, where we have just one section of each grade level. In 5th Grade this year, we have 26 students, of which amazingly, there are three sets of twins! We begin our new year on Tuesday, August 25th. It is going to be such fun and so very exciting sharing information with all of you...we can't wait to get started!!

Hi, everyone! Here is a brief overview of Warner School. Our school
is a Kindergarten through 12th grade school with one classroom at
each level. We have about 25 students per grade level, for an average
of around 300 students each year. Our orginal Warner School was
built in 1918 which was during WWI, but in 1997 we built our
present structure. None of the orginal building remains, but in the
very middle is the lunchroom/commons area and gym which were an
addition in the 1970's, I believe. The Elementary wing is to the north
and the Middle/High wing is to the south. Just now, plans are
underway to add classrooms to the south side of the Middle/High School wing!
At a time when many school in South Dakota have had to close due to decreasing population, we are very excited...and grateful...to be growing!!
This the view from our classroom taken on August 16, 2009. What a
beautifully sunny day! It is very unusual for everything to be this green
this time of year in South Dakota, but we have had a lot of rainfall. Our
classroom is located on the back, the west side, of our school. In this
picture the bus is to the north and the red tornado slide is to the west, so
you are looking northwest from our classroom. It won't be long and our
playground will be filled with activity, as we start back to school on
Tuesday, August 25th!!