​​Miss Miller's 2nd Grade Class from St. Thomas the Apostle School in Delmar, New York, USA welcomes you to our page. Our school year begins on September 9 and ends June 23. This year we will have 20 children ages 7 and 8 in our classroom. St. Thomas is a Catholic school with children in Preschool through grade 8. Our school is located across the street from the St. Thomas the Apostle Church.


This is what our school looks like if you are standing in front of the church looking across Adams Place. (View to the right)

This end of the building is used by the middle school students.

This is our Mary Garden which is left of the above view.

This is the entrance to St. Thomas from the parking lot. Buses drop children off in the morning at this door. If you look right through the doors you can see the sidewalk on the other side. That sidewalk leads to St. Thomas Church and Adams Place. Cars drop children off on that side of the school in the mornings.

The windows you see on the left are the library windows. K-5 visit the library each week and 6-8 use the library as needed. Our librarian also teaches Spanish to first through fifth grades in the library. Students in 6-8 learn Spanish from a different teacher on their end of the building.
We use the parking lot as a our playground during the day.
Cars only use this part of the parking lot when school is not in session. In the back of the picture you can see a fenced in area with grass and playground equipment. All grades can use the equipment but only PK - 2 really use it every day. This is the view seen in September when walking out the door above and standing on the end of the sidewalk.
This is the same view as above. The picture is taken late afternoon when the Afterschool program is outside playing. If you compare the two pictures you can see that Autumn has arrived in New York. The leaves have changed on the top right and the grass inside the fenced area has more brown. It was a cool afternoon so most children were wearing sweaters.
If you stand on the sidewalk and look to the right of the fenced in area you can see the basketball hoop and the painted area. We use the painted area as a kickball field. The cones let cars know that it isn't safe to enter this part of the parking lot right now.
Another view of the kickball field. Kickball is the favorite recess activity for most students. After eating lunch K, 1, and 2 have recess together while students in 3, 4, and 5 are eating their lunch. Then grades 3-5 go outside while grades 6-8 eat lunch. Students in 6-8 do not go outside after lunch but do have morning recess sometimes.

The corner of the building that you can see is where our Technology lab is located. All students PK - 8 used the lab at least once a week.

Kenwood Avenue is on the other side of the playground. Many classrooms face Kenwood Avenue. Miss Miller's second grade is on that side of the building.

This photograph was taken after our first December snowfall. Later in the month we had so much snow that we needed a snow day.St_Thomas_December.jpg

St. Thomas children love playing in the snow at recess. The plow pushes all the snow against the fence to make one giant hill. This hill began in December and just keeps getting larger. We predict that it will be Easter before the hill finally melts!