Lairdsland Primary - Primary 4/5

Welcome to our Room with a View pages. We are very excited about this project and we are looking forward to sharing our pictures with everyone. In Primary 4/5 there are 25 pupils, 13 Primary 4 pupils and 12 Primary 5.

The pictures below are of the front of our building. Lairdsland is a Victorian building and was built in 1875. The picture on the left handside shows the main entrance to the school. Our classroom is on the 1st floor with the three windows. The picture on the right handside shows the opposite end of the building to our classroom.

Lairdsland Primary
Lairdsland Primary

August 2009

Primary 4/5 are now two weeks into their new school year. The picture below is the view from our classroom.

On Monday 31st August 2009 at 2.30pm I looked out my classroom window and this is what I saw. Cold wind was swirling through the air and there were small puddles on the ground. There was mud as well. Out of my classroom window I could see my playground. There is a chalk road, a teddy bear circle and hopscotch. You could also see the Regent Centre. The Regent Centre is a shopping centre and the biggest shop in it is Tesco. Tesco is where we get all our food and groceries. On top of the Regent Centre is a car park. In the distance you can just see the Campsie Fells. As it went through the day the weather did not improve!
Written by Freya, Primary 4 of P4/5

September 2009

September's picture and text was taken my Lisa M, a Primary 5 of Primary 4/5. We have to write the description of the view from our room as part of our homework. So below is an actual copy of Lisa's homework! Our October and November pictures will be coming very soon. We are really enjoying seeing how all the views are changing.


Room_with_a_view.jpg Room_with_a_view1.jpg