OctoberOctober_8.JPG October.JPGIt is the middle of spring for us and it is raining. All the children are in the classroom as it is a wet timetable. The European tress have come into leaf. We have just come back from our third term holidays and have just commenced 4th term.Below is a photo of the kids hard at work in their classroom. classroom_2.JPG September

DSC04456.JPG DSC04455.JPG As you can see on the right our playground has been finished and there are children playing on it.The sails are there to protect us from the summer sun which can be very hot at times. On the left of our window although the trees in the foreground are still bare our native pea bush is bursting with purple flowers. Below is a photo of the front of our school. The office is just beyond the glass doors.




These pictures were actually taken on July 31st. Mrs V couldn't wait to get them up. The first 2 photos are the views from our window. The junior school can be seen in the background along with our lovely Eucalyptus trees that help shade our FFG (Fun and fitness ground) To the right of the FFG (second picture) are the makings of our new middleschool playground. As you can see by the tape it is still being erected. The students are very keen to play on it. The photo was taken in the morning. The trees in the foreground have lost their leaves as it is Winter here.
Our 3rd picture is of our classroom. Our projects are hanging up and to the right are our bookreports on 'The Magic Pudding' made into puddings.

The Kids

Our first day of school.
We are a grade 3 in a small school of 280 students. Our school is in Box Hill an Eastern suburb of Melbourne, Victoria. At present we have 9 girls and 16 boys. Not all are in the photo. You can meet all the gang here http://www.mrsvittoriosgrade.com/Super_kids.htm