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It's amazing that it's already November! We're halfway through the Fall season.


August 28, 2009
We are 4th graders at Jefferson West Intermediate School which is located in Ozawkie, Kansas, USA. It's about 25 miles northeast of Topeka, which is our state capital. Looking out our windows is a view of Lake Perry. You say, "Where?" As our seasons change it will be revealed! Also, we'll have squirrels crossing the electrical wire, a deer come to the edge of the trees, and birds (cardinals, blue jays, and more), especially in the bush on the right. Currently, it is Summer. Normally, it is hot, dry, humid, and miserable in July and August. This year, we've experience milder temperatures (mostly 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit ), and more rain. slide.001.jpg

This is the main entrance to the school. There are four classes of both fourth grade and fifth grade, with about 150 students. Our K-3 elementary school, grade 6-8 middle school, and grades 9-12 high school are located in the town of Meriden, eight miles away. Because we're a small rural community, most students arrive/depart by school bus, others walk, ride bikes, or are dropped off by parents.

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